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new year // new blog

I 100% started slacking on working on my food blog words&whisks when I started residency. Number One: I was busy. Needless to say, those 80 hour work weeks are EXHAUSTING. Number Two: I just got bored with posting exclusively recipes. And, I was a little fed up with my old camera.

Downtown Louisville

Still, I love documenting things (see my instagram or facebook account if you have any doubts), so I thought it would be fun to keep a personal blog. I have millions of plans for 2017, including several trips (as of now, one with a detailed itinerary and one that better involve some sweet powder), a baking bucket list, and some Wool & The Gang goodies that are on their way to me as we speak.

Milwaukee County Zoo

If I am feeling up for it, I might even travel back in time to give a recap of our trip to Madrid and Barcelona in April and to write a guide to the Bourbon Trail now that we have completed it in its entirety. Look out for some 2017 goals headed to this blog soon.

Sump Coffee Shop, STL

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